Kimbo Coffee stirs up interest in their new coffee capsules with a digital audio campaign

Sipping espresso, croissant in hand at a scenic streetside cafe is emblematic of la dolce vita (the sweet life) in Italy. To help customers bottle that feeling and bring it into their own homes, popular coffee chain Cafè do Brasil recently ventured into e-commerce with a new offshoot, Kimbo Coffee.

To spread the word about the Italian coffee brand, they turned to Spotify audio ads. Working with Spotify Ad Studio, the Kimbo creative team whipped up two different coffee ads to drive awareness to Italian listeners of all ages.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: CPG, E-commerce
Objective: Awareness
Target audience: Italian Listeners
Targeting used: Location
Market: Italy
Flight length: 6/1/2022–12/31/2022
Format: Audio

The Brief:

One of Kimbo's 2022 flagship products is the Nespresso Linea Barista-compatible capsules in aluminum. The brand wanted to launch a massive campaign to drive awareness of this new product, and they explored Spotify audio ads as a part of an integrated advertising campaign.

Kimbo's team chose audio as the basis of this campaign because they viewed the format as one of the best ways to tell their story and capture attention.

The Solution:

Cafè do Brasil has been associated with ground coffee for more than 60 years, so generating awareness about the new capsules was a key part of Kimbo's messaging in their audio ads.

To get the word out, Kimbo created two versions of its coffee brand advertisement. Each focused on announcing the new product and sharing its features, and brought the text versions of the ad creative to life for the audio format. By using non-skippable audio ads, Kimbo's team was able to reach a wide audience with little to no message disruption.

As they wanted to drive sweeping awareness with the campaign, Kimbo Coffee stuck to broad targeting, zeroing in on the entire country of Italy and listeners of all ages.

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Hear the spot for yourself.

The Impact:

In the end, the campaign hit more than 30 million overall impressions. This exceeded Kimbo Coffee's goals, and they were happy with the results and impact of the campaign. The brand's KPIs for this campaign were reach and awareness—and they found they'd brewed a successful recipe on Spotify.

  • 30M

    impressions delivered

The Takeaway:

Digital audio can be a great way to create a stir for a new product launch. An always-on audio campaign has the potential to reach a massive audience and build awareness, with easy ways to test a wide variety of ad creative. Get started with Spotify ads and build out your own campaign today.

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