GROHE makes a splash with millennial Spotify listeners

Looking for new ways to drive brand awareness and reach a millennial audience, water product brand GROHE tested audio ads with a self-serve campaign on Spotify. What they found: Audio opens the floodgates of creative possibility.

The media mix:

  • Brand vertical: CPG
  • Objective: Brand awareness
  • Ad Studio targeting used: Interests
  • Format: Audio ads
  • The brief

    It's no secret that do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvements took off in the last year and a half, with many people buying new homes and settling into home-bound routines. GROHE saw this opportunity to engage with homeowners and drive awareness for their “Energy for Life” customer cashback program.

    GROHE is a globally recognized brand, best known for their thoughtfully engineered shower systems. But they needed a way to emphasize how much of a difference upgrading a shower system could make in someone’s daily routine.

    Just like so many good ideas that hit you in the shower, GROHE realized the synergy between their shower system products and audio content.

    Showers can wake you up in the morning or help you relax when you need to unwind after a long day—just like music and podcasts can enhance your mood or daily activity. Armed with this insight, they decided to use audio ads to connect with their audience listening on Spotify.

    The solution

    For many millennials, 2020 was the year to purchase a home for the first time. Knowing that Spotify reaches more millennials than any other audio platform, GROHE was confident they could scale awareness and reach their diverse audience on Spotify.1 The brand reached millennials into in DIY, Hobbies & Crafts, Sports & Recreation, Health & Lifestyle, and Fitness with Spotify's interest targeting.

    The impact

    • 1.3m

      Impressions delivered

    • 0.53%


    This was GROHE’s first foray into digital audio advertising and audio storytelling, but certainly not the last.

    The company returned to Spotify to run a series of always-on, self-serve campaigns with various objectives and messages throughout the last year.

    Audio turned out to be the right creative avenue for GROHE—it allowed them to focus on their audience’s emotions and pain points after being stuck at home throughout the lockdowns. They tapped into Spotify Ad Studio’s free creative tools and voiceover services to portray their audience’s needs and product solutions with the right tone of voice and upbeat background music.

    Curious to hear how they did it?

    00:00 / 00:00

    Listen to the spot for yourself.

    The campaign made a splash with GROHE’s target audience, delivering 1.3 million impressions and a CTR of 0.53% (well over the Spotify benchmark of 0.06%).


    1. Comscore Media Metrix, Desktop 2+ and Total Mobile 13+, Market=US, Age=25-44, March 2021

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