Filing all the feels with TurboTax

For the average person, filing your taxes is, well, taxing. TurboTax set out to ease those woes with its “All People Are Tax People” campaign, activated on Spotify through creative playlists and a strategic media presence.

The challenge

Encourage young listeners to feel confident about filing their own taxes with TurboTax through energizing audio.

The big idea

Money talks, and we’ve got listeners. TurboTax could bank on Spotify — the platform that makes millions of songs and podcasts available — to make the world of taxes feel more accessible, too. The goal was to make anyone with an account feel like an accountant (or close to one, at least) before the tax deadline.

The magic

To ease tensions and to prove that “All People Are [or can be] Tax People,” we curated a Feel Good Filing playlist. Feel Good Filing had musical nods to taxes, refunds, money, and confidence. The playlist was a fresh, fun take on handling your finances, and also served as a friendly reminder as the deadline approached.

As Spotify is rich with opportunity, TurboTax also took over the homepage and sponsored Discover Weekly, one the platform’s most popular playlists. With on-the-money targeting, the media buy passed those who had already filed taxes in order to invest in those yet to balance the books.

Do a quick audio audit and it all checks out — the campaign was a success. In fact, it had a surplus of engagement as the homepage takeover reached the largest volume of unique listeners on the free platform.

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