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CORE Hydration energizes fitness enthusiasts in the moment

CORE Hydration reached active millennials mid-workout, reminding them to drink water in the moment they needed it.

  • 96%

    Ad Recall

    96% lift in recall of CORE Hydration ads on Spotify compared to control.
  • 50%

    Brand Awareness

    50% lift in awareness of CORE Hydration compared to control.
  • 40%

    Purchase Intent

    40% lift in likelihood for listeners to buy CORE Hydration the next time they shop for bottled water.


CORE Hydration wanted to raise awareness of their water’s perfect pH balance and added electrolytes among their target audience of active millennials.


Everyone needs to drink water, so it can be tough for bottled water brands to distinguish themselves from others. That’s why CORE Hydration decided to set itself apart by driving awareness for their product at a time when people would need it most: during a workout. By targeting 18- to 34-year-olds who expressed interest in health, wellness, or fitness based on their playlist streaming behavior, CORE was able to define themselves as the go-to brand for healthy, active millennials.

CORE didn’t simply target fitness fans — they targeted them while they were in the process of actually working out, biking or running. And they did this through a series of Audio, Video, and Display spots on Spotify, created in collaboration with brand performance company Grain Group. Two simple calls to action — “Find your balance” and “A balanced body works better” — prompted fitness enthusiasts to pay close attention to the needs of their bodies without overtly preaching about health and self-care. As an added bonus, CORE offered 30 minutes of ad-free listening for Spotify users via the Sponsored Session format — just enough time for a solid treadmill run or gym warmup.

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By honing in on their target audience, at a time when they were already thinking about hydration, CORE saw lifts in key brand metrics across the board.


  • Thanks to a campaign that reached listeners in relevant moments, CORE saw a 50% lift in brand awareness.
  • Similarly, CORE saw a 40% lift in agreement that CORE offered perfectly balanced pH water.
  • CORE drove purchase intent as well, with a 40% lift in intent for listeners to buy CORE the next time they purchased bottled water.
Formats: Sponsored Sessions, Mobile Video Takeover, Desktop and Mobile Overlay, Audio Everywhere, Leaderboard Market: U.S. Flight: June 14, 2018 — September 15, 2018 Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, June — September 2018

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