Breaking sound barriers with Sonos

Devotion to music is in the details. Fans of Spotify’s award-winning podcast Dissect may show their music appreciation by poring over the details of song lyrics. Audiophiles, meanwhile, care for the subtle details in sound quality. So when premium speaker brand Sonos teamed up with Spotify to sponsor the Dissect podcast, we made sure we got every detail right.

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Sonos x Dissect Ep. 1

The challenge

To drive awareness of Sonos’s high fidelity yet easy-to-use line of speakers among adult listeners.

The big idea

The Dissect podcast is for fans who listen closely for exciting insights into music and the audio experience. We realized that by connecting Sonos to this audience through testimonials from host Cole Cuchna, we could build a reputation for Sonos rooted in the intimate relationship between host and listener. The result was as good as it sounds.

The magic

Sonos didn’t just sponsor season three of Dissect — they amplified the music analysis fans tuned in for each week.

In the sponsored segments, host Cole Cuchna detailed how Sonos products elevated his relationship with audio, from making movie night at home feel like a theater experience to DJing through the power of voice-activated speakers. Dissecting how he uses the speakers was a family affair, especially when his kids (like all kids) love to help with smart speaker commands. The testimonials felt authentic to the voice of the show, and included an exclusive coupon code for Dissect listeners.

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Sonos x Dissect Ep. 7

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