Baskin-Robbins drives in-store visits with sweet audio campaign

Baskin-Robbins enticed listeners with contextual audio, driving a significant lift in foot traffic.

  • 430K

    Store Visits

    Baskin-Robbins’ audio ad drove 430K visits to their stores.
  • +12%

    In-store Visitation Lift

    The campaign drove a 12% lift in visits to Baskin-Robbins stores.
  • 4.3X

    Above Placed Benchmark

    The in-store lift was 4.3X the Placed QSR benchmark.


Baskin-Robbins wanted to drive in-store visits and awareness of their new summer drinks with a wide audience of Spotify listeners.


Baskin-Robbins’ new Sundae Shakes and Ice Cream Lattes are pretty sweet. And audio ads were a pretty sweet way to let people know about them.

In the heat of the summer, Baskin-Robbins decided to use Spotify’s Audio Everywhere format to reach listeners as they soundtracked their season with music. The brand believes in the power of audio and the value of Spotify — and since they knew their audience would be streaming all summer long, they ran their campaign from April through August.

The ear-catching campaign, “Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like,” featured a friendly voice tempting listeners with descriptions of the exciting new drinks: Sundae Shakes and Ice Cream Lattes. Because really, who can resist ice cream in the heat of the summer? The companion display ads featured vibrant imagery alongside the audio so Spotify fans saw what these drinks looked like on their screen, which provided more visual interest for these delicious shakes and lattes.

And those display ads featured a strong offline CTA that made a big difference. Each ad prompted listeners to “Find A Shop,” directing them to click and identify the nearest Baskin-Robbins store to them so they could get their ice cream ASAP.

Spotify’s engaging audio format proved to be a particularly effective medium for driving people to Baskin-Robbins stores. And our measurement partnership with Placed helped us prove it, allowing us to measure a significant lift in store visits throughout the campaign — over 4x above the Placed benchmark for similar brands.


  • Baskin-Robbins’ audio campaign drove 430K in-store visits, verified by Placed.
  • This marked a significant 12% lift in visits to Baskin-Robbins stores, over 4x above the Placed QSR benchmark.
Format: Audio Everywhere Market: US Flight: April 2018 — September 2018 Source: Spotify Placed Analysis, 2018

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