Anchor Butter spreads cheer with an upbeat audio ad campaign

In the UK, revenue from butter sales currently hovers around £3.5 billion.1 With so much competition on the shelf, if a butter brand hopes to boost sales, their ad creative better be smooth.

Anchor Butter, part of Arla Foods and one of the UK's leading butter brands, rose to the challenge by partnering with Spotify to create "Butter the Food, Butter the Mood"—an upbeat campaign designed to encourage positive brand associations during key moments.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: CPG
Objective: Brand Association
Target audience: Ages 18-45
Targeting used: Mood/Moment; Happy & Pop Playlist Listeners
Market: UK
Flight length: 01/10/22–01/31/22
Format: Audio Everywhere, Video Takeover

The Brief:

Anchor Butter knew they needed to nail both timing and tone in order to churn out a successful campaign. Not only did the brand hope to tap into mood-boosting music, but they also wanted to reach audiences during key moments like breakfast time.

The Solution:

Anchor Butter decided to spread the word with a CPG advertising campaign themed around cheerful moods and mindsets. By partnering with Spotify, they were able to specifically target UK listeners between the ages of 18 and 45. They embedded ads in upbeat playlists in an effort to create a positive association with their message.

The brand ran a test, measuring the performance of their own brand-supplied audio ad vs. a Spotify-created audio ad, to see which performed better. They also tested creative by producing a bespoke audio ad with a breakfast theme.

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Hear the spot for yourself.

The Impact:

Anchor's light and playful tone in this campaign resonated with the brand's target audience. After hearing Anchor Butter's digital audio campaign, listeners were more likely to associate the brand with the campaign message—and also more likely to try out the butter in the future.

Not only was Anchor Butter able to take full advantage of Spotify's suite of targeting tools, but they also succeeded in connecting with specific age groups at specific times of day to increase the chances of conversion.

Results from both the Spotify-created ad and Anchor's self-produced ad were fairly even, with the former driving marginally bigger uplifts.

Campaign results:

  • +19

    pts increase in Message Association

    ...when listeners heard an ad for the "Butter the Food, Butter the Mood" campaign.
  • +12

    pts increase in Brand Awareness

    ...when listeners were exposed to both audio and video ads.
  • +12

    pts increase in Intent

    ...when exposed to the Spotify-created audio (4x higher than benchmark).

The Takeaway:

Anchor Butter's efforts show that for brands looking to cream the competition, combining ad formats such as audio and video can be a valuable tactic to maximize the impact of your campaign.

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1. "Butter & Cheese Production in the UK - Market Research Report," Ibis World. March 2022.

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