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Allbirds sees runaway success with quirky campaign

Allbirds drove major lifts in key metrics by serving smart, funny creative to audiences that would appreciate their message, ethos, and product.

  • 457%

    Brand Awareness

    457% lift in awareness of Allbirds compared to control.
  • 333%

    Brand Perception

    333% lift in associating Allbirds with comfort compared to control.
  • 367%

    Brand Favorability

    367% lift in positive opinion of Allbirds compared to control.


For their Holiday campaign, Allbirds aimed to improve awareness and perception for their shoes among millennials in the U.S. and the U.K.


The sustainable shoemakers at Allbirds are all about knowing where their products come from, so they teamed with Spotify to ensure they knew exactly where their message was going. They promoted two products for this Holiday campaign: their Wool Runners, with ZQ certified wool sourced from humanely raised Merino sheep; and Tree Runners, which come from responsibly managed eucalyptus groves and use FSC certified tree fibers In an industry where synthetic materials are the norm, Allbirds set out to reach consumers who’d care about their commitment to sustainability, comfort, and style.

That began with creative built around the tagline, “Meet Your Shoes.” In a series of videos, Allbirds wearers become seized with a sudden desire to go on an epic journey to… well, take a look.

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The brand’s complementary audio ads extended the storytelling of these scenes with entertaining, first-person accounts of those quests.

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The campaign utilised Spotify’s Video Takeover and Audio Everywhere products to engage listeners across devices, platforms, and moments — as well as Sponsored Sessions, which offers 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching a video. More to the point, they relied on Spotify’s streaming intelligence to reach the audiences they were after: men and women, ages 25 to 44, who fell into one or more of a few select audience segments — including Health and Wellness, Foodies, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Green Buyers.

Allbirds had already seen results with Spotify before, with a previous campaign that drove major lifts in awareness, favorability, and brand association of Allbirds with “comfort.” That initial success makes this campaign’s powerful numbers all the more impressive. What’s more, there was a significant benefit to listeners being exposed to audio and video, versus one format alone, including 1.5x higher ad recall, 1.6x higher awareness and 1.7x higher purchase intent!


  • In serving smart creative to targeted listeners primed to receive their message, Allbirds saw a 457% boost in brand awareness compared to a control audience.
  • With audio and video showing fictional consumers’ dedication to their product, Allbirds saw a 333% lift in the brand’s association with comfort.
  • By maximising their exposure while driving home their commitment to sustainable materials, Allbirds saw a 367% bump in positive opinion.
Formats: Audio Everywhere, Video Takeover, Sponsored Sessions Markets: US, UK Flight: October 2018 — December 2018 Source: Nielsen Brand Effect, 2018

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