Streaming the night with Adidas

Who do you become when the lights go out? Our night and day selves are often different. Spotify sees this in the streaming behavior of our listeners, and Adidas sees this in their audience, too. That’s why Spotify and Adidas joined forces to build an experience to make any night-owl hoot.

The Challenge

To promote the Nite Jogger, Adidas wanted to build a campaign that reflected the night like their shoes did.

The Big Idea

First things first, we needed a hook. We dug into our database and discovered Spotify users take on different personas at night based on their streaming habits. Armed with that insight, we had our a-ha moment: What if we honored these night crawlers in a one-of-a-kind experience, celebrating the late-night lifestyle and listening habits of people around the world?

The Magic

Here’s where we had some fun. We created a custom digital experience with lush data visualizations, each visualization unique to the user’s listening habits on Spotify. In the experience, people were introduced to how cities around the world soundtracked their nights: At the time, LA was all about rap, London pop, and Paris prefered dancing the night away.

Then things got personal. Logged in to Spotify, people were scored by their nighttime streaming activity, revealing sonic traits like the energy of their nighttime tunes and things like tempo and mood.

The experience peaked with a personalized look into listeners’ top tracks, artists, and—in the grand finale—a custom “Nite Score Playlist” unique to each individual, complete with Adidas branding and details on the Nite Jogger.

Welcome to the real Rhythm of the Night.

  • 150K

    Playlists Created

    Over 150K nocturnal playlists created for nighttime runners.
  • 9M


    The custom Nite Jogger experience saw 9M+ uniques.

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