Acqua & Sapone put their best face forward with digital audio ads

Acqua & Sapone turned to Spotify to create a wellness-oriented audio ad campaign that reached people during their "me-time"—away from their screens. Digital audio ads were the perfect fit to appeal to listeners' senses.

The media mix

  • Brand vertical: Retail
  • Objective: Awareness
  • Target audience: Women, 18-54
  • Market: Italy
  • Format: Audio ads

The Brief:

Acqua & Sapone offers beauty and personal care products that help people look and feel their best. Moreover, they offer a wide selection of hygiene and home care products, as they believe that it is essential to living to the fullest in every environment we frequent and live in. They carry something for just about everyone, so the brand wanted to cast a wide net with their ads to drive awareness among women of all ages. They also wanted to focus on key gift-giving holidays throughout the year—when their customers would likely shop for health and beauty care items.

The Solution:

Acqua & Sapone had used traditional radio ads in the past, and they wanted to complement their traditional media plan with a data-driven digital audio campaign on Spotify. "With Spotify, we were able to create a distinctive commercial," Ivan Riccioni told us. "And when compared to traditional radio, Spotify's creative resources were among the key factors that made our campaigns successful."

They were excited to test digital audio ads as a way to connect with listeners in an immersive environment. Spotify listeners stream content during routine activities like commuting, working, and relaxing at home—and research shows they pay "full or most attention" to this content during the day.1

So Acqua & Sapone used Spotify's self-serve ad manager, Ad Studio, to build out two always-on campaigns: One with evergreen brand messaging, and one dedicated to seasonal events like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day—all holidays that revolve around sentimental moments and sensory experiences.Spotify listeners turn to digital audio as a form of escape from screen-based experiences, so the brand saw the value in creating this audio-first campaign to deliver their message of self-care. 2

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The Impact:

Acqua & Sapone put their best face forward with digital audio ads and met their audience in relevant listening moments. After reviewing the campaign results, the brand called Spotify "one of the best channels to deliver a message in a creative and fun way." And the campaign engagement metrics back this up: Ad Studio's unique targeting tools helped Aqua & Sapone achieve CTRs close to five and six times the audio ad benchmark of 0.11%.

  • 0.6%

    Click-through rate

    Ad sets messaging around the Carnevale holiday drove a 0.6% CTR.
  • 0.5%

    Click-through rate

    Ads with Christmas messaging drove a 0.5% CTR.

And, thanks to Ad Studio's real-time reporting, the brand tracked actual impressions and engagement metrics through their campaign and optimized their creative to drive results. No question about it: the audience heard the message loud and clear.

"Spotify has been a 'game changer' in the delivering of promotional campaigns for our customers. Spotify Ad Studio is intuitive to use and the results exceeded our expectations." - Ivan Riccioni, Gallicantus

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  2. Spotify & Kantar: TNS Research, US Age=16-64, 2020.

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