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The Big Game

How the big game sounds on Spotify. Power up and game on—because the best of sports culture happens on Spotify. Dig into the data that reveals listener habits when it comes to goals, touchdowns, and more. And enjoy some pumped-up inspiration to meet fans where they’re at.

Understand the moment

Our data shows there are so many ways to be a fan of the game. On Spotify, the term “gamers” takes on a whole new meaning. There’s a sizable overlap between sports fans and listeners who spend time racing, role-playing, and battling monsters.

Video game on

  • 70%

    Among Spotify Free listeners, there is a ~70% overlap between gamers and sports fanatics*

And when the match is on, listeners come together and tune in from more devices around their home. They’re keeping score on football, fútbol, and all the games in between. So from a big screen to a portable speaker, game time means gathering time.

During Super Bowl 2020 (2/2/20), time spent streaming on speakers and TV grew from the prior 4 Sunday averages

  • 50%

    increase in time streaming to speakers

  • 50%

    increase in time streaming to TVs

On the day of the Champions League Final (6/1/19), time spent streaming on speakers and TV grew from May 2019

  • 25%

    increase in time streaming to speakers

  • 40%

    increase in time streaming to TVs**

Take all these insights with you

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Be part of the soundtrack

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Whatever the game, Spotify has the soundtrack to match. From songs inspired by the classic tailgate to tunes that power epic wins, we’ve got the playlists that score big points.

*Spotify First-Party Data. Global **Spotify First-Party Data, 6/1/19 vs May 2019 daily averages, based on minutes streamed by device type.EU markets: DE, ES, FR, GB, NL, IT.

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Level up the playing field

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A new game time

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Pump-up jams

Position your brand as the go-to pregame companion by inviting listeners to collaborate with their crew and curate the perfect pump-up playlist, based on everyone’s music tastes.

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