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New Year

How the New Year sounds on Spotify. Transitional moods meet aspirational messaging and monumental possibilities. Plus, some motivation for the New Year. Explore how to effectively reach your audience and tell memorable stories as we ring in 2021.

Understand the moment

The New Year represents a time to reflect, reset, and sweat it out. Spotify listeners press play on what drives them. And they swap the celebratory vibe for a calmer mood.

So while workout playlist streams increase over January, listeners are tuned into chill and focus streams, too. As fans strike the balance between work hard and...restore hard? You get it.

Music for motivation and meditation

  • 25%

    Feel the burn

    +25% increase in workout playlist streams in January 2020 vs December 2019
  • 10%

    Build up those reps

    +10% increase in workout playlist streams week over week in January

  • 25%

    Take a breather

    +25% increase in chill playlist streams in January

  • 40%

    Get in the zone

    +40% increase in focus playlist streams in January*

Take all these insights with you

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Be part of the soundtrack

Spotify is the platform to get your message heard in the right moment. Our targeting solutions let you take advantage of these insights—so you can reach your audience as they stream relevant playlists. All while tailoring your message to specific devices and contexts.

Sponsor one of Spotify's top-performing workout playlists

Reach listeners as they stretch, crunch, and pound the pavement. From beast mode playlists to motivation mixes, tap into Spotify’s engaged audience at the start of their refreshed fitness journey.

*Source: Spotify First-Party Data, Global, 2020.

Campaign ideas and inspiration


Guide the transition

Tap into the changing mood. Bring your audience from festive tidings to moments of reflection with audio spots that subtly use music to guide listeners’ moods and mindsets.


Lean into wellness

Create custom podcast moments that give listeners helpful tips, insights, and ideas to build better wellness habits in the New Year.

Digital Experience

Resolve to go bigger

Encourage your audience to start the year off differently with personalized resolution suggestions that live outside their comfort zones.

Bring your message to Spotify listeners

Ad Studio gives you all the tools you need to easily reach your audience and get your message heard. Get started and make an ad today. Or get in touch with our team to build something custom and plan your future campaign.

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