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The year on Spotify: International Women’s Month

Women who go hard. Power ballads that amp things up. And campaign ideas that put empowerment front and center. Read on and see how to be a better ally during International Women’s Month. (But seriously, you should do that all year long.)

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Understand the moment

It’s a woman's world, and we’re all just streaming in it. While International Women’s Day falls annually on March 8, girl power surges during the whole month.

On Spotify, pumped up soundtracks keep the beat. And March is a time where motivational tunes rise noticeably—helping everyone land a one-two punch and keep their eye on the prize.

  • 57%

    Women lead the pack

    Of millennial streams to female playlists, 57% are women
  • 43%

    Men help support

    Of millennial streams to female playlists, 43% are men

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, Full Year 2019. Spotify playlists with keywords “girl” “women”, “woman”, “female”, “females.” % share of streams by age group. Global.

  • 11%

    Listening on the rise

    Female listening in March 2020 grew 11% from last year.

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, March vs Jan/Feb averages, 2019 & 2020, March 2020 vs March 2019 YOY. Based on minutes streamed. Global.
  • 33%

    Getting pumped up

    Motivational playlists had a 33% increase in female listeners in March 2020 vs Jan/Feb averages

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, Mar 2020 vs Jan/Feb 2020 averages. Spotify playlists with keywords “motivation” or “motivational.” Global.

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