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How the holidays sound on Spotify. Insights that focus on family. Campaigns that feel like home. And a whole lot of cheer. Dig into everything you need to effectively reach your audience and tell memorable stories this holiday season.

Plan ahead

Sleigh bells may not ring until late December, but Spotify users start streaming holiday classics as early as November. For planners, this is key to making the most of the season. So you can connect with listeners from that very first jingle.

Understand the moment

The holidays are a time for togetherness, and we see that directly reflected on Spotify. Streams on smart speakers and TVs surge during the season, as loved ones gather to enjoy their favorite classics.

Gather ‘round the device

  • 75%

    Get smarter

    +75% increase in smart speaker streams from October - December 2019
  • 40%

    Turn up the TV

    +40% increase in TV streams from October - December 2019*
Whether listeners are feeling naughty or nice, we know music often takes center stage. One moment stands out in particular: mealtime. As traditions take place over mixing bowls and kitchen counters, families tune into the holiday soundtracks that matter most.

Dish it

  • 25%

    increase in streams during Dinner and Cooking moments**

Take all these insights with you

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Be part of the soundtrack

Spotify is the platform to get your message heard in the right moment. Our targeting solutions let you take advantage of these insights—so you can reach your audience as they stream relevant playlists. All while tailoring your message to specific devices and contexts.

Sponsor one of Spotify's flagship holiday playlists

Connect with listeners as they get into their own holiday spirit. From unplugged acoustic tunes to timeless Christmas favorites, reach listeners during moments of nostalgia, joy, and celebration.

*Source: Spotify First-Party Data, Global, 2020. **Source: Spotify First-Party Data, Global, 2020.

Campaign ideas and inspiration


Connect over dinner

Create audio spots that celebrate and support holiday chefs. Amplify your message by sponsoring Spotify editorial playlists that lean into all things cooking.


Create custom gift guides

Put listeners in the giving mindset. Turn pre, mid, or post-roll podcast spots into product moments by producing deluxe scripted reads.

Digital Experience

Get nostalgic

Use audio to harken back to holidays past, then serve up custom oldies playlists from any generation a listener identifies with.

Bring your message to Spotify listeners

Ad Studio gives you all the tools you need to easily reach your audience and get your message heard. Get started and make an ad today. Or get in touch with our team to build something custom and plan your future campaign.

Explore more seasonal moments

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