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The year on Spotify: Back to School

Audio that’s a family affair. Moments that inspire virtual connection. And tips that help listeners focus while they study. We’ve done our homework to help you effectively reach your audience and tell memorable stories as kids (and parents) go back to school.

Take the insights and inspiration with you

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Understand the moment

Good news for parents: when the headphones are on, your kids likely mean business. Yep, that’s right. Playlists and music don’t distract from work—they enable it. People turn to audio that helps them tackle the tasks at hand, no matter their learning environment.

And as kids and families dive into some tough homework, they turn up the volume together. We see co-listening increase during more studious moments too.

Listening via a shared speaker grows across all age groups when kids go back to school

  • 18%

    Ages 0-17

  • 12%

    Ages 18-24

  • 9%

    Ages 35+

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, Global, 2020.
Among young listeners, Focus and Study moments grow significantly during the back-to-school months

  • 90%

    Ages 0-17

  • 50%

    Ages 18-24

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, Global, 2020.

Be part of the soundtrack

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