Out of office. Solved.

Taking time off this summer? Hey you earned it.

Meet our Out of Office Advertising Package. It’s like having your very own OOO assistant to help you manage your summer Spotify Advertising campaign, and achieve your goals, while you enjoy that well-deserved “me-time”.


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Carefree ad management. Now that’s what we call livin-easy

Opt-in to our Summer moments package and create a summer campaign in Ad Studio before July 30, 2022. We’ll monitor its progress and keep you up-to-date with:

Weekly status updates

We’ll keep track of how your campaign is doing, and send a weekly email through the end of your campaign until September 9, 2022, with your campaign’s status and any red flags you may need to be aware of.

Campaign recommendations

Depending on how your campaign is tracking, we’ll let you know how to adjust in the event that you're pacing ahead or behind your goal.

Out of office. Solved.

Take time off this summer. Opt in today.

Summer may be a time to tune out, but your audience is tuning in on Spotify

Catching flights, a morning run on the beach, nights on the town are just a few of the summer moments soundtracked by your audience through their favorite playlists on Spotify. Reach them where they are, in the moments that matter most, by creating a summer campaign with our self-serve advertising platform, Ad Studio. Plus, our Out of Office Advertising Package gives you the freedom to enjoy your own time off, all while achieving your goals.

  • 92%

    Increase in the creation of road trip playlists on Spotify.

    Source: Spotify Newsroom, August 2020
  • 34%

    Increase in ‘Summer’ moment streams on July 18 - the hottest day of 2021 in the UK

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, moment=Summer, July 18 vs July 11 2021, UK

  • 39%

    Spike in fitness related streams in July and August when compared to Q1 averages.

    Source: Spotify Internal Data, FY 2019, Moments in ‘Workout’ ‘Running’ ‘Yoga’ ‘Outdoor Activities’ ‘Weightlifting’ ‘Biking’, GLOBAL

Spotify Ad Studio for video is easy to use, lower-funnel results can be directly attributed, and gives us access to a large premium audience

– Cliff Bernstein

VP of Marketing at Arcadia

Opt in to the summer support package and activate your Ad Studio summer campaign by July 30, 2022 to get weekly support from our team. You’ll get weekly emails through the end of your campaign or September 9, 2022 from our support team updating you on the status of your campaign and flagging any major issues that you should be aware of.

If you don’t have an Ad Studio account yet, sign up and start creating ads today.

Once you’ve signed up and have activated your campaign you’ll get weekly updates from our support team through the end of the campaign or through September 9, 2022, whichever comes first.

If your campaign is slated to run through September 9 (or a portion of the summer) we have you covered, we can keep you up to speed while you wind down and listen to some LoFi beats on the beach.

Out of office. Solved.

Take time off this summer. Opt in today.

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