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The Spotify Pixel helps advertisers track online behavior and in-app engagement.

Answer questions like:

  • How many listeners visited your website?
  • How many leads did you get from audio advertising?
  • Of the ten podcasts you advertised on, which drove the most purchases?


What is the Spotify Pixel?

The Spotify Pixel is a piece of JavaScript code placed on a website that allows you to analyze the actions that listeners took after hearing your ad. With the Spotify Pixel in place, you can measure audio ads across Spotify and non-Spotify marketing channels, optimizing based on real-time insights.

See all of the actions that listeners take on your website across all devices – like add to cart, purchase, leads, and more.

Evaluate each channel (Spotify and non-Spotify) in your marketing mix, and demonstrate proof of the impact your ad campaign had on real business goals.

Analyze results in real time and adjust creative, targeting, and media strategies to deliver better experiences that drive better results.

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How does the Spotify Pixel work?

Once the Spotify Pixel is installed on your website, Spotify Ad Analytics is able to monitor delivery as it happens and – using a combination of IP matching methodologies and device graphs – is able to attribute your ad to actions taken on your website.

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How do I install the Spotify Pixel?

1. Create an account

2. Follow the prompts to generate a pixel

3. Install and validate the pixel is working correctly

4. Attach the pixel to your audio campaigns and let the magic happen!

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The Spotify Pixel helps advertisers track online behavior and in-app engagement.

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