How Spotify can solve Tech & Telco’s biggest brand challenges

A breakdown of four big challenges tech and telco brands face today — and how audio can help you solve them.

We’re living in an era of blurred boundaries: For many people, our commutes have become much shorter, our homes have turned into classrooms, and everything we do — from studying to working to working out — happens on multiple devices, at all hours of the day. As we approach back-to-school season, tech spending is already up 28%.

After the coronavirus pandemic passes, commuting may never be the same as it was before. But the digital transformation will continue — and Spotify will be there to capture people’s listening behaviors, alerting tech and telco brands to the best ways to connect with consumers on our platform.

Once 5G hits, people will be even more engaged with new technologies like AR and VR. By 2030, 125 billion devices will be connected using IoT, up from 27 billion in 2017. But rapid adoption doesn’t mean your brand will inevitably stand out. In fact, the tech surge introduces new challenges when it comes to differentiating your brand's telecom marketing strategy. Since fewer live events and conferences are on the horizon, it will be even harder than usual to successfully launch new products.

Spotify's tuned-in, tech-savvy audience and the way people choose to bring us along when they move between devices offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. They spend 2.5 hours with Spotify across devices every day, giving you endless opportunities to leverage the technology in their lives to connect with them while listening to their favorite podcast or jamming out to new music on Discover Weekly. And you can reach them using our many ad formats, including display, video, audio and a combination of audio + video. In fact, people are twice as likely to remember multiformat Spotify campaigns than video-only ones.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of four big challenges tech and telco brands face today—and how audio can help you solve them.

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