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SEAT Ibiza relaunches with data-driven storytelling

When SEAT launched their newest Ibiza model, they did it with a bang — a full redesign and a custom microsite on Spotify.

  • 68%


    68% of microsite visitors said the ads they saw were relevant to them: 1.7x higher than the automobile industry benchmark.
  • 49%

    Brand perception

    49% said the ads positively influenced their perceptions of SEAT Ibiza: 1.9x higher than the automobile industry benchmark.
  • 165%

    Ad recall

    165% higher ad recall compared to control group.


SEAT Germany completely redesigned their new Ibiza model and wanted a special launch with a fresh and innovative brand strategy heavily focused on music and dancing. Their goal was to reach young, urban audiences and to engage them while introducing the new SEAT Ibiza. They asked Spotify to come up with a custom execution that would bring their “Start Moving” campaign to life.


Spotify developed a custom experience with a microsite which allowed users to analyze their listening behavior on Spotify to determine their personal “Moving Score” — a metric that measures the danceability of their latest streams. Users received a personalized playlist that matched their music taste, and a recommendation for the perfect SEAT Ibiza configuration based on their favorite music. Users were paired with either sporty, or more elegant and sleek recommendations.

SEAT promoted the microsite in an integrated campaign using various channels, including a multi-format media strategy across mobile and desktop on Spotify. They also integrated Shazam into their SEAT Ibiza TV commercial, in an execution that redirected users to the microsite.


This campaign was so successful, it was also rolled out in Italy, Mexico and Portugal after its launch in Germany. We spoke to Stefan Gundelach, SEAT’s head of marketing in Germany about the campaign, ”Engaging young audiences requires creative storytelling and meaningful content,” he said. “Spotify’s data assets inspired this campaign and helped us to reach the right target audience.”

The campaign stood out with high performance in key metrics:

  • Awareness of SEAT grew 13% more among microsite visitors compared to the control.
  • Microsite visitors had 165% stronger recall for the ads compared to the control.
  • The campaign increased microsite visitors' agreement that SEAT Ibiza is dynamic, young at heart, efficient, reliable and accessible by 68%.
FormatsAudio Everywhere, Video Takeover Desktop, Sponsored Session Mobile, Desktop and Mobile Overlay Market: Germany Flight: June 2017 Sources: LeanLab, 2017

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