Samsung dials up Mother’s Day gift consideration for the whole family

Samsung wowed moms during the Mother’s Day shopping season, increasing gift consideration among key audience segments on Spotify — and boosting their “cool factor” among Gen Z tech buyers in the process.

  • 14pp

    iOS User Consideration

    14 percentage point increase in Samsung gift consideration intent among current iOS users.1

  • 7pp

    Gen Z Consideration

    7 percentage point increase in Samsung gift consideration intent among Gen Zs (A18-24).1


Samsung wanted to give tech-savvy moms the best Mother’s Day ever, and drive awareness and consideration of their devices among families shopping for gifts.


On Mother’s Day, people take time to appreciate the moms in their life. Celebrating mom by acknowledging the woman who gets it all done not only lifts her spirits — it brings families together in a way that other holidays can’t. Mother’s Day gives us a chance to reflect on who we want to be as a family, and how we're all connected to one another. That’s a gift mom is sure to appreciate, no matter how it's packaged.

Samsung wanted to inspire families to step up their Mother’s Day game, and bring moms front and center to amplify the brand’s “Mom First” campaign narrative. They aimed to drive awareness and consideration with both the general market and Hispanic consumers, ensuring that Samsung phones, watches, and earbuds were top-of-mind gifts for Mother’s Day. So they partnered with Spotify to lean into targeted audio ads in English and Spanish to reach key segments like Gift Givers, Husbands, Adults 18-49 with kids to promote the Samsung product ecosystem.

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Then, they took it a step further. Samsung worked with Spotify to run a proactive custom survey to gain a deeper understanding of smart-device gifting intent, and the role that device ecosystems play in the purchase decision process. The results? Samsung’s Mother’s Day telecom marketing campaign successfully put their products top of mind, confirmed by Kantar’s Brand Lift Insights and a custom Spotify x Qualtrics Samsung Gifting Survey.


Samsung leads the consideration set.

More than 1 in 3 (38%) Samsung users are considering Android products for their next smart device purchase.1

  • +9 pp Samsung gift consideration
  • +11 pp Z Flip 5G consideration
  • +9 pp Watch 3 consideration

Compatibility with current devices is key.

Our research found that 3 in 4 consumers considering Samsung for their next gift purchase agree that device ecosystem is the top consideration factor.1

  • +8 pp proud to own a Samsung device
  • +14 pp Samsung gift consideration intent among current iOS users

“Cool factor” matters.

Nearly 1 in 3 (29%) respondents agree that social cache is a top consideration factor when gifting a smart device.1

  • Gen Zs (A18-24) had a +7 pp increase in Samsung gift consideration intent
  • A18-24 also had an +8 pp increase in Z Flip 5G consideration

These audience and purchasing insights position Samsung to win not just Mother’s Day — but other holiday shopping moments, too. Other brands can do the same by:

  1. Driving effective, contextually relevant holiday messaging
  2. Focusing on products that fit seamlessly within the device ecosystem
  3. Leaning on “cool factor,” which is also an important purchase driver among Gen Zs (just look at those Z Flip 5G consideration uplifts)

Log into Spotify Ad Studio to get started building your next holiday gifting campaign, or reach out to your direct Spotify partner to get started.

  1. Source: Spotify x Qualtrics Samsung Gifting Survey, US Spotify Free users and Podcast listeners 18+, May 2021, Kantar Brand Lift Insights, May 2021

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