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Dacia explores Dynamic Audio as a powerful vehicle for branding success

How powerful is audio when it comes to driving success for auto brands? Automotive manufacturer Dacia found out exactly what digital audio can do when the company launched their Dacia Jogger model in Spain. No stranger to innovation, the brand looked to Spotify to create a fuel-injected, family-oriented campaign—and discovered that brands can effectively navigate a competitive landscape with Dynamic Audio.

Media mix:

Brand vertical: Automotive
Objective: Awareness
Target audience: Interests, Musical Tastes
Targeting used: Family, Friends, Outdoor, Rock and Pop
Market: Spain
Flight dates: 05/27/22–08/27/22
Format(s): Audio Everywhere (Dynamic Audio)

The Brief:

With the goal of familiarizing potential buyers with their brand—and the Dacia Jogger in particular—the automotive manufacturer hoped to reach Spotify listeners with a campaign as innovative as their reinvented seven-seater family car.

Their primary aim was awareness—an apt focus since, according to research from Nielsen, "brand building and awareness campaigns are critical" to the long-term success of automotive brands. This is partly because of the extended time periods between auto purchases, Nielsen notes, adding that "savvy auto marketers" are "well-versed in developing long-term brand-building efforts."1

The Solution:

Dacia partnered with Spotify to leverage Dynamic Audio, a new feature in Google's Display & Video 360 (DV360) campaign management suite. The campaign combined audience segments and music data to deliver personalized creative to listeners, embracing an automotive advertising idea that was both fresh and effective.

The concept behind the campaign was to customize each message to the listener. Dacia targeted audiences using Google DSP (Family, Friends, and Outdoor) as well as musical tastes on Spotify (Rock and Pop) to create appropriate audio segments. Spotify then developed a special selection of different audio pieces ideally suited to Dacia's target audiences.


00:00 / 00:00

🎧 Sound check. Turn on your audio.


00:00 / 00:00

🎧 Sound check. Turn on your audio.


00:00 / 00:00

🎧 Sound check. Turn on your audio.

The Impact:

The Dacia campaign was the first of its kind worldwide. Over the life of the campaign, it reached nearly 2 million listeners—with those who heard the personalized audio ads more likely to be aware of the new Dacia Jogger and display a preference for the model compared to competitors.

Not only does the campaign's 96% listen-through rate demonstrate how effectively personalized audio can grab listeners' attention—it also shows that audio is an incredibly powerful vehicle for overall branding success.

Campaign results:

  • +4pts


    (increase in awareness of the Dacia Jogger among those exposed to the ads)
  • +2pts


    (increase in preference for the Dacia Jogger over competitor models among those exposed to the ads)

The Takeaway:

Appealing to listeners' personal tastes can drive excellent results. And Dynamic Audio—when paired with a highly targeted and personalized automotive advertising strategy—can be a successful mechanism for building brand affinity.

"In a highly competitive environment, it's fundamental to leverage technology that allows us to personalize our messages. At Dacia, we have always had the ambition of differentiating ourselves with respect to other brands, and we aim to prove this in our approach to marketing communications and trying new approaches such as Dynamic Audio."

Ana Marta Marí
Marcom Manager, Dacia

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  1. "Brand Building Campaigns Will Be Critical for Auto Marketers Amid Supply Shortage," Nielsen. August 2021.

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