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Culture Next 2019: The trends defining Gen Zs and Millennials

Our 2019 trends report highlights how Gen Zs and millennials are shaping culture around the world. 

If you’re in the marketing world today, you know the drill by now: millennials and Gen Zs are a big deal, and you need to reach them. But if you really want to do that, it’s crucial to take a step back and understand the broader generational shifts taking place. What is it that sets these generations apart from others? And how are they making their mark on culture?

We tapped into our deep understanding of people through streaming to discover the top global trends among Gen Zs and millennials — unpacking their evolving relationship with brands, content, and digital communities.

We teamed up with research agency Culture Co-op for a global journey spanning the US, UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, and the Philippines. Through a mix of qualitative exercises, expert interviews, survey data, and our own streaming intelligence, we identified five key 2019 trends that define this next generation around the world.

To get the full story, download our white paper, which dives deep into each trend with actionable insights for brands.

Download our Culture Next 2019 report

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