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The new audio: Reaching the Spotify listener in Europe

Streaming has gone mainstream.

The biggest digital music services have grown their audiences. Listening habits are changing, as some younger listeners bypass traditional radio in favor of streaming radio, and older listeners spend more time with new content distribution channels. As people find new ways to access music, they’re soundtracking their lives according to the rules of our on-demand age. They listen on the go and across devices, taking full advantage of mobile and connected platforms. They listen throughout the day, not just during their morning drive. And they listen in the moments that make up their lives, from exercising and commuting to partying, studying and more.

To help marketers navigate this changing landscape, we commissioned global market-research firm TNS to quantify the reach and quality of our free audience in 10 countries across Europe.* The study marks the first time Spotify has been studied directly alongside commercial radio channels.

We found that:

Spotify Free delivers unique audience reach.

  • In 8 of 10 countries, Spotify is the top audio streaming service.
  • Average incremental reach is 10% per channel.

Spotify’s audience listens across the day, making it a strong compliment to an audio buy. While radio listening activity overindexes in the morning, Spotify listening builds steadily throughout the day, peaking in the afternoon and early evening.

The new audio: Reaching the Spotify listener in Europe

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