Millennials on Spotify: Key streaming moments

Whether it’s hitting the books or heading into the office for a long day on the computer, working is a moment that calls for focus, but can also bring stress. Be a cheerleader in this moment and try to help motivate, but don’t go over the top. 

Who’s listening in this moment?

A diverse bunch — people who listen to music while they’re working or studying are likely into fitness and food. They also enjoy gaming. No matter your message, just make sure it doesn’t disrupt their focus.

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Alisha, from the US, uses music to help push her through work.

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Matthew, from the US, listens to wordless music to concentrate.

Top working genres

Hunched over the computer and trying to focus — sound familiar? Those we interviewed told us that music without lyrics plays a huge role in this moment — and according to our streaming intelligence, crunk, alternative metal and acoustic pop also keep millennials whistling while they work.

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How to reach millennials in the party moment

Not all millennials party alike, but the connecting factor is always music. Think about enhancing the party moment by learning your audience’s favorite genres and subgenres and matching the beat. Through daypart targeting, you can determine if the vibe is pre-game, barbecue or late-night dance party and match your message appropriately.

Audio is a great format here, but think about a multimedia campaign across different types of connected devices for those partying at home. Think audio for connected speakers and mobile display ads for that obsessive DJ always checking on their next song to further drive your message. Sponsored Playlist has a way of enhancing the party and reinforcing a positive brand association.

Since partying often happens on the weekend, this is also a good time to promote concert events and highlight other weekend activities, to match the mindset of your audience.

Consider targeting partying millennials at other moments in the journey as well. For example, Bacardi worked with us to tell partiers which type of night creature they were based on an analysis of their music interest and behaviors. The final product was their perfect party playlist.

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Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts wanted to reach millennials to drive awareness of their new cold-brew coffee with a video takeover campaign. Learn how their impactful campaign kept the coffee top of mind throughout listeners’ day on both desktop and mobile.

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