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With hundreds of million Spotify users all over the world, the power and potential of podcasts has never been greater. This intimate medium creates commitment, builds a relationship and offers the listener an intimate closeness in the form of sound. As the fastest growing platform for podcasts worldwide, we offer the listener a mix of everything – from nerve-wracking murder mysteries to humorous everyday talk, and exciting insights into societal issues.

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Podcast talks

The power and potential of podcasts are greater than ever, and at Spotify we are convinced that we’ve only seen the beginning of what a podcast is and can be in the future.

In Podcast Talks, we share insights and trends from this grow this growing medium, and we talk about how brands can interact with their target groups through pods. We’re also visited by Filip Dikmen – one of Sweden’s most successful influencers and podcasters – who shares his perspective on how to create a successful brand collaboration.

Karin Bäckmark Podcast Lead Nordics, Spotify

Marcus Winberg Creative Solutions manager, Spotify

Filip Dikmen Influencer och poddare

Our podcasts

Sweet but Psycho

Sweet But Psycho

Josephine Qvist and Elin Woodie from Ex on the beach discuss reality tv and grill themselves and other participants. A podcast with many dedicated listeners who get to share in some juicy details thanks to the hosts’ outspokenness, making it easier for guests to open up and reveal details. Simply an unfiltered podcast about the girls’ lives.

  • Pre & Post Roll: yes
  • Integrated Sponsorship: yes
  • Mid roll: yes
  • Publication rate: weekly

Get to know Sweet But Psycho

![[en-SE] Gynning Berg Podcast](//

Gynning & Berg

Carina Berg & Carolina Gynning share their often humourus and always honest journey towards finding themselves. Carina and Carolina are beloved personas in Sweden, with lengthy careers in TV and radio. Back for a new season in 2020, with the goal to become Sweden’s biggest podcast!

  • Pre & Post Roll: yes
  • Integrated Sponsorship: yes
  • Mid roll: yes
  • Publication rate: weekly

Get to know Gynning & Berg

![[en-SE] Kompaniet Podcast](//


Kompaniet is the new version of one of Spotify’s most popular podcasts. Three of Sweden’s most beloved media personas share their fun opinions on anything, big and small. Kristoffer Appelquist, Vanessa Falk and Daniel Breitholtz create a fantastic dynamic between the three hosts. Being in different parts of life creates beautiful moments and stories that everyone can relate to. Dedicated with love to previous member Adam Alsing.

  • Pre & Post Roll: yes
  • Integrated Sponsorship: yes
  • Mid roll: yes
  • Publication rate: weekly

Get to know Kompaniet

![[en-SE] Rollspelsklubben Podcast](//


Rollspelsklubben is the ultimate narrative podcast where comedian and word artist Isak Jansson invites celebrities into his world of magic through the classic art form of role-playing.

This spring, sponsors get an exclusive opportunity to be part of the story, as a character or with your product / service that will be used by the characters.

A great opportunity to take your brand to the next level!

  • Pre & Post Roll: Yes
  • Mid-Roll: Yes
  • Integrated Sponsorship: Yes
  • Timing: Weekly

![[en-SE] Raseriet Podcast](//


Hosts and cousins Fanna Ndow Norrby and Amie Bramme Sey are the unfiltered and honest voice of urban life. Dissecting everything from pop culture to politics with sharp, reflective and almost always funny dialogue. Either with each other or with a high-profile guest.

  • Pre & Post Roll: yes
  • Integrated Sponsorship: yes
  • Mid-Roll: yes
  • Publication rate: weekly

![[en-SE] Spotify Dok Podcast](//

Spotify DOK

Spotify Doc is the flagship of documentaries in the podcast world. First out is Kidnapped – a story about an acclaimed Swedish author who was kidnapped by his stalker. At least that’s what it looks like, when the author suffered from dementia and long disappeared from both the public and his relatives. Until his daughter found him, with a woman unknown to her. Here begins a battle for the author, whose stalker succeeds in marrying him and time and time again finds him in sheltered dementia homes.

The kidnapping is followed by, among other things, a story about the fraudster Vincent who tricked women that he was everything from a police officer to a gynecologist and left a long line of victims behind before he was finally arrested after a dramatic hunt in northern Norway.

During Spotify Dok, documentary series are mixed with individual documentaries, and common to all podcasts under the flag is a documentary narrative at the forefront

  • Pre & Post Roll: Yes
  • Mid-Roll: Yes
  • Timing: Weekly

Podcast ads

What’s what? And how do the different ad formats look in our podcasts?

Pre & Post Roll

Pre-recorded sponsor message with a professional voice talent (Not by the host) before and after the episode. Either produced by us or client. 5-10 seconds. The content is purely image-building and may not contain any sales- supporting elements or call-to-actions.

Mid Roll

A max 30 seconds pre produced audio spot in the middle of the episode. Produced by brand or Spotify with professional voice actor.

Integrated session - Be a part of the editorial space:

60-90 seconds where the hosts talk about the sponsor and a theme that creates engagement and a relevance to the audience. This will be decided by Spotify and the brand together.

Script proposals should be sent to Spotify for legal review at least two weeks before the campaign starts.

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