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Spotify Ad Studio is now available to all advertisers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Advertising on Spotify just got even easier with Ad Studio, our powerful, self-serve ad channel.

Digital audio has become a constant companion as more and more people pair everyday activities like working, cooking, or just relaxing with listening to music and podcasts. Spotify Advertising helps businesses and artists connect with people in these crucial screen-free moments, which other forms of digital media advertising miss out on. And now, all advertisers in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden can use our self-serve ad channel, Spotify Ad Studio, to connect with listeners on Spotify. Sign up for Ad Studio to create your first ad today.

Digital audio is surging throughout the Nordics: in Sweden alone, 9 in 10 use Spotify as a platform to listen to music, and more than half stream music in a typical week.1 Ad Studio offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with these valuable Spotify listeners through easy-to-use tools that help create ad campaigns in minutes. Plus, these listeners are highly engaged while they’re streaming. Compared to radio, a higher share of ad-supported Spotify users in all Nordic countries pay attention while listening.2

  • +19pp

    in Denmark

    Compared to radio, +19pp in Denmark pays attention while listening to Spotify.
  • +23pp

    in Finland

    Compared to radio, +23pp in Finland pays attention while listening to Spotify.
  • +17pp

    in Sweden

    Compared to radio, +17pp in Sweden pays attention while listening to Spotify.
  • +17pp

    in Norway

    Compared to radio, +17pp in Norway pays attention while listening to Spotify.

Run audio and video ads on Spotify with Ad Studio

Ad Studio supports both audio and video ads, so you can tell your brand’s story in a format that matches the moment. So whether your audience is listening screen-free or scrolling the app for a new playlist, you can connect with them through a seamless ad experience. But you might want to consider both formats: We’ve seen that running both video and audio increases ad recall 90% and results in a 2.2x increase in brand awareness.3

  • 90%

    increase in ad recall

    Combining audio and video ads increase ad recall.
  • 2.2x

    increase in brand awareness

    Combining audio and video ads increase brand awareness.

Getting started is simple

Ad Studio is for businesses of all sizes—the budget minimum is 2000 DKK in Denmark, 2000 NOR in Norway, 2000 SEK in Sweden, and 250 EUR in Finland—and it’s easy to get started. Our intuitive platform gives you the flexibility and control to set up and manage your campaigns just how you’d like and make edits in real-time. Here’s how it works.

1. Create

Easily create and manage both audio and video ad experiences all in one platform. If you’ve never made an audio ad before, no worries. In as little as 24 hours, you can build a custom, professional audio ad for free right in Ad Studio.

2. Target

Deliver your message at the right moment when people are primed to hear it. Our powerful audience targeting capabilities enable you to target listeners across locations (down to the postal code level), devices, moments, and formats.

3. Measure

Get insights into ad delivery, engagement, and audience with every campaign. Our real-time reporting dashboard makes it easy to track and optimise ad performance, no matter what your goals might be.

“Spotify Ad Studio is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. In our campaign to promote a podcast, we gained a large reach and play-throughs at a very low cost, and it was easy to optimise during the campaign. It’s an easy and fast solution to get audio ads live in a digital environment, and the platform provides targeting possibilities based on listening behavior we don’t see elsewhere.”

– Andreas Gejl, Digital Client Director, Carat, Denmark

Organise and optimise with Ad Studio’s campaign management

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Ad Studio’s campaign structure makes it easy to scale and manage campaigns with multiple creatives, targeting parameters, and budget levels. It’s also a useful tool for testing out different audience segments, messaging, and ad formats so you can learn what tactics are driving results. Combined with our real-time reporting dashboard, creating your own campaign benchmarks is simple, so you can learn what tactics are working and optimise your campaigns towards reaching your marketing goals.

1 Ungdomsbarometern, 2020 SE 2 NEPA audio research Spring 2019 3 Nielsen Brand Effect on Spotify, March 2020

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