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Would you book a room at a hotel that doesn’t make you feel welcome? Or buy a car from a brand that isn’t focused on innovation and safety? Probably not. Likewise, you probably don’t want to plan your marketing strategies with a partner that doesn’t believe in the power of advertising.

At Spotify, we allow 116 million fans globally1 to discover their favourite music for free, powered by advertisers like you. And, we’ve built an experience for fans and brands alike and know our ad solutions work. This is why we #loveAds.

From idea to movement
We devised #loveAds as a simple, internal message for our advertising team as a rally to take pride in their work. It was launched in Europe last year and soon started to travel. #loveAds has become a movement among our global Spotify ad sales team and is being used to highlight ideas, campaigns, and achievements.

When we shared the #loveAds hashtag on social media, we saw it gain wider support of this positive message. Besides the challenges the advertising industry is facing, there’s a lot to be proud of. Think about all the important conversations sparked by Nike’s Just do It ad with Colin Kaepernick, or the change of perspective through Stabilo’s Highlight the Remarkable campaign.

Spreading the word
People love music because it connects us and can amplify the moment that we’re in. With this emotional connection, music has the power to enhance advertising strategies and build meaningful relationships between fans and brands. To celebrate these relationships, we want to find the soundtrack to #loveAds with a playlist featuring the best ad campaign songs of all times. Check out the #loveAds website to add your favourite tracks and share it with your friends in the industry.

Check out the #loveAds website for Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway.

Our team has many more ideas on how we can expand the proposition and we hope that we will be supported by plenty of advocates to champion the power of advertising.

Join us and share your favourite ads, achievements and reasons why you #loveAds on your favourite social platform.

This blog post is based on an article by Marco Bertozzi, Vice President of Sales Europe, featured in Campaign in November 2018.

1 Spotify first-party data, ad-supported monthly active users, December 31, 2018

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