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Ad creation on Ad Studio

Ads overview

Spotify Ad Studio lets you create audio or video ads of 30 seconds or less, seen and heard by users of the ad-supported Spotify app. Ads are served to Spotify Free users during ad breaks between songs on both desktop and mobile platforms.

To create a new campaign, click new campaign or create new campaign in the top-right corner and follow these 4 easy steps.

  1. Create new campaign: Choose your campaign objective
  2. Create new ad set: Choose your ad format, targeting parameters, budget, and schedule. This is also where you can see an overview of your estimated reach, frequency, and budget delivery likelihood.
  3. Create new ad: Upload your audio or video creative, then add a companion image, call-to-action, and clickthrough URL for your ad. Need help creating an audio ad? Use our free creative tools and services to create an audio ad from scratch.
  4. Review: Review your campaign and submit it for approval. After you submit your campaign, you can then add additional ad sets and ads.

Campaigns can contain one or more ad sets, and each ad set can contain a collection of ads.

More ad creation help:

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