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Ad creation on Ad Studio

Setting a call-to-action

"Learn more" is the default call-to-action (CTA) for each ad you create in Ad Studio. This CTA is localized into your audience's preferred language.

You may also choose from the following calls-to-action, which are available in English and Spanish:

  • Apply now
  • Book now
  • Buy now
  • Buy tickets
  • Click now
  • Download
  • Find stores
  • Get coupon
  • Get info
  • Listen now
  • More info
  • Pre-save
  • Save now
  • Share
  • Shop now
  • Sign up
  • Visit profile
  • Visit site
  • Watch now

Once you select your call-to-action, you'll need to enter a clickthrough URL. This is the link that users will visit when they tap or click on your image or call-to-action button.

Note: Spotify Ad Studio doesn't support URLs with special characters. As an alternative, we recommend creating a shortened or encoded version of the URL with a site like or

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