The Longevity Suite's podcast gets a vitality boost with audio ads on Spotify

Want to add a little sand to your hourglass? The Longevity Suite, a biohacking clinic network in three different markets, aims to help their clients do just that. The clinic offers programs and treatments intended to help their clients live longer, healthier lives. They also host an expert-led podcast, The Longevity Talks, that addresses a wide range of topics related to the biohacking and anti-aging movements.

To drive awareness about the podcast, The Longevity Suite's digital agency TWOW leveraged audio ads on Spotify. The campaign was hugely successful, ultimately increasing daily listens by 2,900%.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: Wellness
Objective: Drive Traffic
Target audience: Listeners 21+, Wellness & Health
Targeting used: Age, Interests
Market: Italy
Flight length: 11/30/2022–1/31/2023
Format: Audio Everywhere

The Brief:

The Longevity Talks podcast features expert insights on biohacking, nutrition, mindfulness, and well-being. To boost listenership, TWOW suggested The Longevity Suite run a series of digital audio ads—a fitting medium to promote an audio-based product. The goal was to reach people over 21 years old interested in podcasts and passionate about health and wellness.

The Solution:

The Longevity Suite had previously used campaigns on Spotify to raise awareness about their brand, so they already knew the many benefits of digital audio ads. This time around, they created a campaign that directed listeners straight to The Longevity Talks podcast with a simple tap—all without leaving Spotify.

TWOW led the creative effort, in which Dr. Massimo Gualerzi, scientific director of The Longevity Suite and host of the podcast, voiced the ads. He recorded short audio teasers highlighting the show's key topics to give listeners a taste of the tone. Spotify paired the snippets with custom ads promoting the podcast. The ads appealed to The Longevity Suite's ideal customer: informed and educated listeners interested in expanding their knowledge about biohacking, anti-aging, and wellness.

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🎧 Sound check. Turn on your audio.

The Impact:

The Longevity Suite and TWOW saw healthy returns from their Spotify campaign. The Longevity Talks' fanbase grew more than tenfold in just two months, driving a 2,900% increase in daily average listens. Overall, the audio ads reached more than two million listeners, generating thousands of clicks and new followers for the podcast.

  • 2900%

    Increase in daily average listens

  • 2M+

    2 million+ listeners reached

"We invested in Spotify as a brand engagement channel with targeted advertising to support the distribution of the podcast. The results brought us a level of interaction with the brand far beyond that achievable through classic visual or video brand awareness campaigns."

Paolo Ratto
Founder & Managing Director @ TWOW

The Takeaway:

Digital audio ads are a natural fit for brands and agencies seeking to promote podcasts. Spotify is a native environment to reach built-in audiences of active listeners at just the right moments—including when they're driving, cooking, or studying. With Spotify Ad Studio, you can build and launch your very own custom audio campaigns in minutes.

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