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Revising your audio ad

Need to make changes to the audio ad you created using the free voiceover tool? Our audio revision tools make it easy to quickly edit your ad in the Ad Studio UI. Here’s how it works:

  • After requesting a voiceover, you’ll get a notification within 48 hours that your ad has been recorded and is ready to be reviewed. Listen to it within the Ad Studio UI and approve it, reject it, or choose to make revisions.
  • To make changes, choose revise from the dropdown menu, prompting a window to appear that will ask whether you want to make changes to your voiceover clip — like picking a new voice actor or giving new direction on tone or emphasis — or your background music & mixing.
  • Pick background music & mixing to launch our audio revision tools.

To add a new background track:

  • Delete your current background track.
  • Select choose from library to pick another licensed track, or you can upload your own.
  • Preview the new background track by pressing the play button.

To adjust the timing of your background music:

  • Drag the pink slider across the music clip from side to side. The left side of your pink slider will determine the start time of your selected background music and the right side determines the end.
  • To ensure your ad plays for a full 30 seconds, background duration is automatically selected so your background music plays for 30 seconds regardless of the length of your voiceover. If you want the background music to be the same length as your voiceover, which may be less than 30 seconds, uncheck the box.

To adjust the timing of your voiceover:

  • To change when the voiceover starts, drag the blue slider from left to right, aligning it with the pink slider to coincide with your background music.
  • You can also edit the voiceover’s start time by inputting a numerical start time in seconds.

To adjust the volume of your background music:

  • Toggle the volume slider from left to right to increase or decrease the volume of your music.

To preview your remixed audio ad:

  • Hit the play button next to auto mix to combine your revisions and listen to your mixed audio ad.

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