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Setting a custom frequency cap

To maintain a quality listener experience, each user will receive the ads within your ad set no more than 5 times each day by default.

You also have the option to set the following custom frequency cap at the ad set level:

  • Daily: Daily frequency cap between 1 - 5 impressions max per 1 day per listener
  • Weekly: Weekly frequency cap between 1 - 35 impression max per 1 week per listener
  • Monthly: Monthly frequency cap between 1 - 50 impressions max per 1 month per listener

For example, if you apply a daily frequency cap of 3 per day for an ad set with 5 ads within it, a listener will receive those 5 ads within the ad set a collective maximum of 3 times per day in total. If you do not set a custom cap for your ad set, the ads within your ad set will still have a default cap of 5 impressions max per 1 day for each individual listener.

Please note that setting a low daily, weekly, or monthly frequency cap may reduce your budget delivery likelihood.

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