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Spotify and easyJet create symbiotic music and travel experience

Great taste in music? Passion for travel? The ‘Listen & Book’ campaign, developed in a creative collaboration between easyJet and Spotify, offers travellers the opportunity to get personalised travel recommendations based on their mood and the music they listen to.

Earlier this week, easyJet—one of Europe’s leading airlines— launched a collaborative campaign with Spotify Advertising to bring travellers looking for inspiration a unique way of planning their trip.

The ‘Listen & Book’ campaign—now live on—leverages Spotify’s unique streaming intelligence to make it possible for people to discover their holiday personality based on their listening habits*. This personality is then matched to tailored travel experiences across Europe, made possible by easyJet.

So, if you like listening to calm, warm and dreamy music, then how about spending your next holiday strolling through Lisbon’s botanical gardens, sinking into a Helsinki hot tub, or marvelling at Iceland’s Northern Lights?

Maybe you’re a house and disco addict—so how does a balmy dance festival in Barcelona sound? Holiday personalities are determined through music attributes such as the positivity of a song, energy and tempo.

The experience doesn’t end there: once you’ve determined your personality and discovered your tailored travel destinations and experiences, you can either share your results on social media, book flights with easyJet, or listen to a personalised playlist on Spotify. The microsite experience also offers recommendations for nearby music venues in your matched destinations, so that you can catch a gig or connect with the local music culture when you visit.

The campaign demonstrates that music can be a window to the experiences people value most; a way to embrace local cultures, and a powerful means to create memories. And from a commercial perspective, it proves there are creative ways to engage with streaming audio and reach target audiences through a medium that’s inherently valuable to them.

Richard Frankel, Global Creative Director at Spotify Advertising, said:

“This creative collaboration shows what’s possible with streaming audio. Listeners engage with Spotify to experience inspiration and discovery, and our focus on personalisation enables brands to cultivate meaningful interactive connections with their audiences. Listen & Book is a great example of how brands can tap into a consumer’s mindset and engage with them in innovative and useful ways that drive real outcomes.”

Richard Sherwood, Customer and Marketing Director at easyJet, said:

“Listen & Book will help our customers discover new destinations across our European network, using Spotify’s innovative technology to enhance our customer search and booking experience. This collaboration is the perfect fit for our ‘nextGen easyJet,’ brand strategy with the ambition to pioneer the next generation of travel for all, connecting customers to the people they love, new and diverse cultures and unforgettable experiences.”

Listen & Book will be supported by localised marketing campaigns developed by the creative agency VCCP London, and will run in France, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK.

With 433 million monthly active Spotify listeners globally—and nearly 1000 easyJet routes to more than 150 airports across 35 countries— there’s no shortage of experiences on offer. Plus, recent research shows that 37% of people see new experiences and adventures as their top motivation for travel.

The microsite experience is just one of many creative and customised ways marketers can creatively reach their audience with streaming audio.

*Spotify users need to grant consent to easyJet to unlock this feature.

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