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Mums on Spotify: How to help listeners find a fitting Mother's Day gift

Got a product that Mums will love? Meet your audience where they listen on Spotify with these Mother's Day marketing ideas.

Mums and music go together like a road trip and an '80s playlist. As such, Mother's Day is the perfect time for your brand to reach listeners through the universal magic of music.

There's no better way to say all the things you can't express in mere words than by creating a playlist for that special person in your life—and on Mother's Day, that person is mum. With a 179% growth in streams of “mum"-related playlists on Mother's Day,1 it's clear that many listeners agree.

Here are all the reasons why Spotify's the place for your brand to effectively reach your audiences, as well as a few marketing tips for Mother's Day.

Align with mum's favourite tunes—and treasured moments

Ask mum about her favourite child, and she's bound to say “I love them all equally." But when it comes to her favourite tunes, she's got clear preferences: In fact, compared to other Spotify listeners, mums are 114% more likely to listen to soundtracks, 64% more likely to have music playing in the background, and 350% more likely to be singing along to kids' songs with their young ones.2

And while every family celebrates mum in their own special way, our data noted a few themes—for one, some seem to celebrate by gifting mum with quality, family-free time.3 Last year, we saw an 11% increase in streams of the 'Girls Night Out' moment on mum's special day.4

Help your audience find a gift for mum

Being a mum is hard work, and kids—at least those who are old enough—are eager to show their gratitude. With Spotify's targeted interest segments, you can help your audience find the right gift to do just that.

Here are a few audiences to consider targeting ahead of this holiday:

  • Commuters. Reach the Mother's Day gift buyers in your audience where they are: on their way to and from work. Remind them that mum's day to shine is coming up, and use sequential messaging—or a series of ads that tell a story one piece at a time—to make sure they don't forget.

  • Online shoppers. Did you know that 63% of Spotify Free listeners shop online every week?5 Your Mother's Day message can give them a hand in figuring out the perfect gift idea for mum.

  • Gen Z. Want to reach older Gen Zs who are in uni or just starting their first full-time job? Gen Z listeners are 84% more likely to find new brands through podcasts,6 making Spotify Podcasts & Spotify Exclusives a great place for your brand to be this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day advertising top tips

Here are some Mother's Day marketing tips your brand can leverage to help the mums in your audience feel pampered:

  • Meet mums where they listen. Did you know that mums on Spotify love pop? In fact, the genre accounts for 31% of all streams among mums.7 And Spotify Originals are where they turn to relax and learn. Podcasts about entrepreneurial thinking and creativity like Brilliant Minds and true crime programmes like Unsolved Murders are just some of the podcasts mums love the most.8

  • Celebrate key Mother's Day moments. Moments like 'Dinner' and 'Girls Night Out' experience a spike in streams on mum's big day—which means you can use real-time targeting to connect and celebrate with mums during key Mother's Day moments.

  • Give mum the gift of music. With Spotify Sponsored Sessions, your brand can gift the mums in your audience 30 minutes of ad-free streaming of their favourite tunes.

This Mother's Day, help your audience give their mums a gift they'll love—or reach mums themselves as they relax to the tunes and podcasts they love. Sign in to Spotify Ad Studio to create your Mother's Day advertising campaign today.


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