Listeners eat up grocery delivery app Getir's first digital audio campaign

When your business is all about getting food to customers fast, it makes sense to keep the theme of time central to your ads, too. That was Getir's mindset when they leveraged Spotify to create a grocery delivery app advertising campaign.

To emphasise their brand promise—"We deliver groceries in minutes!"—Getir chose Spotify Sponsored Sessions to encourage app downloads and challenge listeners to put their service to the test. The message? Get your grocery order before the next ad break, and swap a trip to the supermarket for super-fast grocery delivery.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: Tech/App
Objective: App Downloads, Grocery Orders
Target audience: UK listeners 18+
Targeting used: Age, Interest/Behaviour
Market: UK
Flight length: 11/11/21—12/12/21
Format: Audio Everywhere, Sponsored Sessions

The Brief:

Getir—a grocery app offering on-demand deliveries—wanted to encourage listeners located within their service area to download the Getir app and try out their food delivery service. Given that the percentage of British consumers who shop for food and groceries online has nearly tripled since 2015, there was plenty of demand for this kind of service.1

The startup wanted to connect with locals while demonstrating the features that set them apart from competitors. The objective wasn't just to locate people who might want to give the app a try; Getir also wanted to showcase their speedy service and how it helps busy listeners save time at key moments in their lives.

The Solution:

To locate and connect with potential customers and encourage those all-important app downloads, Getir focused on key moments when listeners would likely be thinking about food—for example, when eating lunch or preparing to cook a meal.

To get the word out, Getir relied on Spotify's Sponsored Sessions: 30-minute, brand-sponsored listening sessions that start with a single brand video and a clickable display unit before an uninterrupted streaming experience. Since these sessions are available only when the Spotify app is in view, this 100% share-of-voice ad solution creates an impactful video advertising experience that boosts brand affinity.

Getir's first foray into digital audio ads encouraged listeners with a compelling message: Get your food order "from app to door in minutes," before the next ad 30 minutes later.

The Impact:

With no other ads able to grab their attention during the Sponsored Session, listeners ate the Getir message right up. The digital audio ads presented them with a range of scenarios for how and when to use Getir's service. The advert was both witty and informative, and the results were impressive: increased brand awareness, increased app awareness, and a lift in lower-funnel metrics like intent, especially among a young audience aged 18 to 24.

Overall campaign results:

  • +24%

    lift in brand awareness, +2.7x the UK benchmark

  • +27%

    lift in ad recall, above the UK benchmark

  • +7%

    lift in intent to use the Getir app, +2.5x the UK benchmark

  • +10%

    lift in attribute rating ("making your life easier"), +2.5x the UK benchmark

The Takeaway:

Spotify's Sponsored Sessions are a unique way to attract listeners' uninterrupted attention—and can be effective for awareness-driven advertising, particularly when paired with timely messaging.

Interested in creating a memorable listening experience for your brand? Check out Spotify audio ads.


  1. "Online grocery shopping in the United Kingdom (UK)," Statista. July 2022.

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