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Add multiple users to an ad account

To help you effectively collaborate across multiple team members, you can add and remove users to an Ad Studio account with the different levels of permissioning below:

  • Admin: Account admins are able to create, view, edit, and export campaigns. Admins are also able to edit account settings and payment details. The admin role is automatically assigned to the account creator and is the only access level that is able to add or remove other users as contributors or viewers to an Ad Studio account. There can only be one admin for each account.
  • Contributor: Account contributors are able to create, view, edit, and export campaigns. Contributors are unable to edit account settings and payment details.
  • Viewer: Viewers have read-only privileges on accounts and campaigns. Viewers can view and export campaigns but cannot create or edit campaigns or account settings.

To do this, first create a Spotify account and a Spotify Ad Studio account. As the account admin, you can then add other users to the ad account as contributors or viewers by selecting manage ad accounts from the left-hand navigation bar.

To create an additional Ad Studio advertiser account, follow the same steps above by first creating a new Spotify account. This will require a new email. Once this new Spotify account is created you can then create a new Ad Studio advertiser account using any business email, including the same business email that was used for existing Ad Studio accounts.

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