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Reporting and Measurement on Ad Studio

Dashboard view

From the dashboard, you can see a holistic overview of all of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads. To customize the columns shown in the dashboard, click the gear icon. From there, you can add or remove metrics from the dashboard table view.

You can view the metrics by specific date ranges using the date selection drop-down located in the top right corner.

  • Selecting the last 7, 14, 30, or 90 days date ranges will include metrics through the prior day
  • Selecting the month-to-date and lifetime date ranges will include metrics up to the current day

Metrics should start populating 24-hours after the ad set has started. These metrics will then refresh every few hours on a daily basis. Please note that sorting within the dashboard can only be done within the lifetime view and is not currently available for specific date ranges.

The reach & frequency metrics shown in the dashboard are unique and deduplicated for each campaign with multiple ad sets, and for ad sets with multiple ads. For example, if one listener hears multiple ads within the same ad set, this listener would only count once in the reach metric for both the campaign and the ad set.

You can also take the following actions and see the following details from the dashboard view:

  • Campaigns:
    • Edit the campaign
    • See the status of the campaign
    • See if there are ad sets within the campaign that require attention
  • Ad Sets:
    • Duplicate the ad set within the same campaign
    • Edit the ad set
    • Access detailed overview and reporting for the ad set
    • Start or stop delivery of the ad set
    • See the status of the ad set
    • See the ad format selected for the ad set
  • Ads:
    • Duplicate the ad within the same ad set
    • Edit the ad
    • See details of the ad
    • Start or stop delivery of the ad
    • See the status of the ad
    • See the ad format

Please note for the beta release of the updated campaign structure that filtering within the dashboard can only support a single campaign, ad set, or ad that is selected. This is denoted by the 1x at the top of the dashboard within each tab and can be cleared by selecting the X.

More reporting help:

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