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Destination Canada Campaign: Turn it up, or Take a breath?

Ever dreamed of disappearing into the vast Canadian wilderness? Or immersing yourself in the vibrant, music-obsessed cultures of Calgary, Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver? Destination Canada has teamed up with Spotify to bring those dreams a little closer to reality for anyone craving a Canadian adventure...

This week sees the launch of one of Spotify Advertising’s most creative campaigns to date—’Discover Canada Through Sound and Music’, developed in partnership with Destination Canada, gives wanderlusters the opportunity to discover their ideal Canada holiday, based on their music tastes.

The digital experience begins with a simple choice: 'Turn it up'? Or 'Take a breath'? This leads users either down a highway towards a Canadian city with a strong musical identity, or a rocky road into the heart of the pristine Canadian backcountry.

Turn it up

Thanks to Spotify’s unique API technology, users choosing to ‘turn it up’ will be matched with a Canadian city based on their music tastes—and will receive their very own playlist to help them discover the music of that city. From global superstars and mainstream acts to up-and-coming bands and artists, each playlist features a selection of Canada-hailing talent we think users will love.

But the really cool bit? We’re working with Canadian music journalist, Karen Bliss, Billboard correspondent, to offer users an insight into the musical history of each city. Not only that, but Karen will explore the music scene of each city today, and call out great places for fans to visit.

Take a breath

Dancing until sunrise or going to a sold-out gig isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. For music-loving listeners who prefer to ‘take a breath’, there’s a path to tranquility and another innovative experience waiting at the end of it, based on the sounds of whichever beautiful Canadian landscape they crave the most.

Users get to choose from four destinations: the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the rugged West Coast of British Columbia, Ontario’s Algonquin Park, or the l'Île d’Orléans of Quebec. In a Spotify first, we are working with Canadian wellness influencers in each destination to bring users a series of guided meditation walks that will immerse them in the unspoiled beauty of rural Canada.

Recorded in 3D audio and in real time as the host navigates the walk themselves, these meditations will transport wellness-loving listeners into their chosen landscape through a blend of songs chosen by each influencer and the relaxing, uninterrupted sounds of nature—whether they’re on the tube, in a park, or taking time out of their working day, in the middle of a city.

Take the journey yourself and discover your personalised playlist or guided meditation walk, right here.

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