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Inside Tracks: How Carlton United Breweries reaches their audience on Spotify

365 million users listen to Spotify worldwide, and they’re not just listening, they’re using Spotify to soundtrack their lives — from their daily routines, to global cultural events. That's why many of Australia's top marketers leverage Spotify's streaming intelligence — our unique audience understanding — to reach their audience with the right message at exactly the right time.

“Inside Tracks,” Spotify’s global video series, goes behind-the-scenes with the leaders of some of today’s biggest brands. In the latest episode, hear from Liam Hale, Brand Communications Manager at Carlton United Breweries.

Liam explains how Carlton United Breweries uses Spotify to reach their audience in a relevant and contextual way. But beyond that, he shares a bit about how he uses Spotify personally, from his weird and wonderful music taste, to his favourite podcast.

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