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How to score douze points with Eurovision fans on Spotify

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How self-serve advertisers and local businesses can reach Eurovision fans

Ready for wild sets, outrageous outfits, and catchy pop ballads? The Eurovision Song Contest, Europe’s biggest music calendar highlight, is almost here—and your audience is tuning into related playlists on Spotify to soundtrack the excitement.

Here’s what advertisers need to know about how Eurovision fans are streaming on Spotify.

  • +445%

    Streams of Eurovision playlists

    Increase in streams of Eurovision playlists during the Eurovision Song Contest 20221
  • 31.9M

    Minutes streamed

    Minutes streamed of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 playlist on Spotify2

Who they are

Eurovision Song Contest playlist listeners are more likely to be female, and 28% of streams in 2022 were from listeners ages 25-34.3

How they listen

Over half of Eurovision Song Contest playlist streams occur on a tablet or mobile device. There’s also a 69% over-index of TV streaming.4

What they listen to

The top genre for Eurovision Song Contest playlists is World Pop, with 76% of all streams—followed by World Hip Hop, World Folk and Indie.5

When they listen

Eurovision Song Contest playlist streams peak the day after the event—with listeners tuning in to catch up on the hits (and misses) of the night.6

Inspiration for self-serve advertisers

Reach fans in the moment with real-time context targeting.

Connect with Eurovision fans as they revisit previous years’ winners and discover new favorites. Spotify uses contextual audience targeting to pick up on listeners’ real-time context, ensuring the right ad appears at the right moment. Context can supercharge media strategies by informing your ad creative—so you can create more tailored messages relevant to listeners.

Serve up partytime essentials with audio.

For food, beverage, and FMCG snack brands, the Eurovision Song Contest is a great opportunity to reach hungry audiences as they plan Eurovision watch parties with their friends and family. Rise above the noise with audio ads that hook listeners’ attention as they gear up for the final rounds.

Need some inspiration? Check out how Pizza Hut used immersive audio ads that replicated the roar of a game-day football crowd and delivered the messaging—focused on value and delivery options—via voiceover in the style of a pro sportscaster.

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🎧 Grab headphones for the full effect.

Help Eurovision devotees get in the mood

The Eurovision Song Contest is known for outlandish costumes and memorable makeup—and the most devoted of fans embrace the look at home, or wherever they plan to watch. By advertising on Spotify, Fashion, Beauty and Cosmetics brands have an opportunity to reach this fashion-conscious audience when they're considering their outfit or getting ready to party, and encourage them to try out new looks.

Embrace nostalgic sounds.

Help fans relive memories of Eurovisions past and create audio ads that tap into nostalgia. Flex your creative muscles (and maybe bust out the synths) to incorporate throwback sounds into your audio campaign. Read our quick-start guide to creating digital audio ads to help you get started.

Score more points with multiple formats.

Consider putting two stars together in your next Spotify campaign: audio and video ads. Where audio ads can reach listeners in screenless moments (like while they’re working out, cooking dinner, or driving), video ads are served when the Spotify app is in focus. Together, they can extend the impact of your ads and reach listeners in the right moments. Learn more about how to pick the right ad format based on your campaign goals and creative capabilities.

Ready to tap Europe's most unifying music event with a message that resonates with your audience, on a platform they love?

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The official Eurovision Song Contest podcast will take you behind the scenes in the run-up to the 2023 event in Liverpool, and offer exclusive backstage access—check out the podcast on Spotify today and start getting excited for this year's Contest!

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