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Campaign management on Ad Studio

Edit or stop an ad campaign

You have the ability to edit campaigns in your ads and ad detail. Find the ad campaign you want to edit and click edit. You will be able to make the following changes to your live campaigns:

  • Targeting
  • Creative (companion image, audio or video file, click-through URL)
  • Budget increases (Note: You won’t be able to decrease budgets for live campaigns. You’ll need to stop the current campaign and create a new campaign in order to reduce budget.)
  • Purchase order number
  • Campaign length (Note: You can shorten the length of a campaign before the start date has commenced without ad re-approval, but you cannot shorten the length of an ad after the campaign has started.)
  • Pause/resume campaigns

    Note: If you stop your ad, you'll only be charged for the ads served you've accrued to that date.

More campaign management help:
- Edits that require ad re-approval

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