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Billing & payments on Ad Studio

You can pay for ads using your credit or debit card. We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Discover

You may also request invoicing as your payment method. Please contact us for more information.

At this time, you can purchase Ad Studio ads using your local currency:

  • Austria: EUR
  • Australia: AUD
  • Barbados: USD
  • Belize: USD
  • Canada: CAD
  • Denmark: DKK
  • Finland: EUR
  • France: EUR
  • Germany: EUR
  • Ghana: GHC
  • Guyana: USD
  • Italy: EUR
  • Jamaica: USD
  • Kenya: KES
  • Mexico: MXN
  • Netherlands: EUR
  • New Zealand: NZD
  • Nigeria: NGN
  • Norway: NOK
  • Singapore: SGD
  • Spain: EUR
  • Sweden: SEK
  • Tanzania: TZS
  • Trinidad & Tobago: USD
  • Uganda: UGX
  • United Kingdom: GBP
  • United States: USD

Your credit or debit card will be charged at the end of each month, or when your total ad spend across all your campaigns reaches a given billing threshold of 250.00 in your local currency. Your billing threshold is an amount of spend across all of your campaigns that triggers a charge once reached.

If you’re based in the US, UK, or Canada, for ads created before August 1, 2018, your credit or debit card will be charged at the end of that ad campaign once total ad plays have been tallied.

You can review the history of successfully paid bills in the Billing Center.

To access the Billing Center, go to the manage ad accounts section from the left-hand navigation bar and take you to your ad accounts page. From there, select view billing history.

The bill is summarizing the spend on the ad set level. To save the .pdf version of the bill, select download bill.

Please note: At the moment the billing center is only available for the customers paying by the credit card. Invoiced customers who previously paid by credit card will not have access to the billing center. Invoiced customers can reach out to customer support in order to retrieve previous payment records over email.

At this time, you can't add multiple cards. You can change the card on file at any time in your ad account settings or in the review step of the ad creation and we’ll charge the card on file at the time of billing.

Customers in the U.S. are billed from the Spotify U.S. legal entity. All other markets are billed from the Spotify AB legal entity. We are not liable for any international fees incurred.

If you’d like to transition to invoice billing rather than credit card billing, here is what you need to know.

Invoices are sent monthly, on the ninth business day, for the impressions delivered in the previous month.

Payment terms are 30 days.

  • Unless otherwise mentioned in the invoice.
  • We accept bank transfers or checks (US only). Credit cards are not supported.
  • Practical info
    Legal entities:

  • US customers receive invoices from Spotify USA Inc.
  • Non-US customers receive invoices from Spotify AB.
  • Business name in invoice:
  • The Business Name inputted during account setup will appear on your invoice. If you need that changed in order to pay your invoice, please reach out to before we issue an invoice.
  • PO numbers:
  • Be sure to add during campaign creation.
  • It’s not possible to add a PO number after your campaign is approved.

  • Rates:
  • Ad Studio contracts in net rates.

  • Billing timezone:
  • Invoices reference UTC timezone.
  • An ad ending at 23:59 EST on the 31st of January will be included in the following month’s invoice, as it would have run for 5 hours in UTC. Please book your ads accordingly if you need to.

  • Account information:
  • If your information needs to be updated, you must communicate this before your first invoice is issued or you will be liable for making payments ‘as is’ without the updated account information.
  • To update your information, please send an email to
  • Agencies in Mexico and France must include their business details and details of the advertiser (your client), as it is required we send the invoice to both parties.
  • To make a request, please fill out this form and our support team will review to confirm eligibility.

    Currently, Ad Studio is only open for tax registered advertisers. This means you must provide an accurate and valid VAT number (or a local equivalent) to run campaigns via Spotify Ad Studio.

    Exception: In Canada and Spain, we support both tax-registered and non-tax-registered customers.

    It means that Ad Studio advertisers in Canada and Spain are no longer required to provide a VAT number (or a local equivalent) when creating a new ad account. However, all B2B customers are still required to provide their VAT number (or a local equivalent). Otherwise, they will be recognized as consumers and local taxes will be applied to them.

    Please contact Spotify Ad Studio customer support if you have any questions.

    Ad credits must be redeemed during checkout in the ad creation step before the promo code’s expiry date. A given promo code can be used once per ad account. Only one promo code per account can be used at a time.

    If a campaign’s budget is lower than the value of the ad credit, the remaining value will be applied to the following campaign’s bill.

    At this time, ad credits are only available for customers using credit card payment. Agencies in Mexico and France are not eligible to redeem ad credits.

    Having trouble redeeming your ad credit? Reach out to our support team for help.

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