IBM x Alex Da Kid Music Experiment

The Tension:

They say technology can do anything nowadays. Well, IBM wanted to prove it with less talk and a little more action. Could a computer help a legendary music producer, Alex Da Kid, find the missing piece of his music puzzle?

The Idea in a Nutshell:

Enter Watson, IBM’s answer to AI with a mission: To shortcut the search for a new vocal artist using Spotify Streaming Intelligence and help Alex Da Kid find the unique sound he was looking for. That sound ended up being the voice of “Rapsody,” who would later go on to be a six-time Grammy nominee.

The Magic:

Watson established what Alex Da Kid was looking for through taste, emotion and key words. When combined with Spotify search feature the AI was able to scour enormous amounts of data such as articles, social media, interviews and fan sentiment to save Alex Da Kid from a serious amount of man-hours and looking through 10 billion pages of artists. To amplify this work, IBM included an additional media buy on our platform. The resulting collaborative track “Go” has over 3 million streams on Spotify.

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