by.U partners Spotify to reach Gen Z anytime, anywhere

As the content we consume grows in both quality and quantity, many of us are hard pressed to pack it all in. Windows of time that require you to be away from a screen – cooking, driving, commuting, running – are perfect for interacting with audio.

Furthermore, at a time when users curate their lives, digital audio puts the listener in control. That’s why Gen Z audiences live on Spotify. Spotify Advertising’s latest issue of Culture Next Global Trend Report reveals that brands should constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to connect with audiences driving the main culture forces today.

That’s what by.U did by partnering with Spotify Advertising for their “Cuan Akhir Tahun” (Year-end) campaign. To raise awareness of their new digital cellular and data service in Indonesia, by.U launched a campaign that taps into Spotify’s streaming intelligence and a combination of audio and video ads formats.

The partnership with Spotify embodied the “anytime, anywhere” positioning of by.U’s services, resonating with Gen Z consumers who prioritise convenience and unfettered data connectivity to empower their lifestyles. By reaching their audience wherever and whenever, the campaign reflected the connectivity and far-reaching nature of by.U’s cellular and data services.

In Indonesia, more than 61% of internet users use music streaming apps daily1. In addition, our latest Incremental Reach Study with Kantar shows almost 62% of Spotify ad-supported users discover new brands from advertising2.

It’s no surprise that the by.U and Spotify partnership helped them reach their target audience in ways that fit their lifestyles and “micro-moments", delivering amazing results and overwhelming Gen Z awareness of by.U.

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Overall, a 24% increase in recall of by.U ads on Spotify was recorded, along with a 10% increase in awareness of by.U and a 13% increase in consideration of its service offerings. Over the course of a year, by.U became the leading digital telco in Indonesia. Consumer reception of by.U was also positive, with 16% of people surveyed expressing interest in trying out by.U’s services!

As Gen Z continues to shape what’s next, brands like by.U can continue connecting with them through culture and music with Spotify.

  1. Source: Spotify x Kantar Incremental Reach Study, 2021, Indonesia
  2. Source: Global Web Index, Q2-4 2020, Q1 2021, Indonesia; Spotify x Kantar Incremental Reach Study, 2021, Indonesia

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