Culture Next 2020: Meet the generations working to reshape culture

Our annual Culture Next reports show how the next generation is moving us forward here in Southeast Asia.

Releasing a regional trends report covering a whirlwind year like 2020 is challenging, we’ll admit. Still, as we put together our annual Culture Next, one thing became clear: This unprecedented year’s events have clarified — and in many ways, accelerated — trends that Gen Zs and millennials have been shaping for quite some time. We’re excited for you to explore our findings in this year’s Culture Next. You’ll get a deep dive on how these generations influence community, social change, and culture — and hopefully, you’ll get inspired to pass them the mic.

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During the course of our research we met Zs and millennials from around Southeast Asia. We spoke with artists, activists, creators, influencers, and more. Through our own Streaming Intelligence, research, and conversations, we discovered new insights and explored five key trends among these young generations. And as the year’s major shifts took place — a global pandemic and racial justice movement — we made sure to update and adapt our research with relevant findings that reflect the context of 2020.

  • 65%

    believe brands should convey messaging of moral support and show they understand consumers' struggles.*

  • 82%

    say brands need to be part of the debate, to promote progressive values and play a more meaningful role in society.*

Culture Next is designed to inspire brands with these insights — offering up new ways to empower and be there for your audiences. Connect with us below to discover how we can help you engage the generations shaping the future.

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*Source: Spotify Trends Survey among 3,000 respondents, 18-37 (SG, MY, ID, TH, TW - May 2020), 15-37 (PH - February 2019)
Culture Next

The Trends Defining Gen Z and Millennials in Philippines

We’ve heard so much about Millennials and their impact on every aspect of culture. But how has that changed as they’ve gotten older? And what about Gen Z? What makes them tick? Here at Spotify, culture is part of our DNA, and we’re always tuned in. We recognize how complex the world has become for all of us, especially young people. We also understand how important these audiences are to brands.

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