Culture Next 2021

Say hello to the generation that’s driving Cultural Rebirth

If 2020 was a “cultural wake-up call”, 2021 is looking to be a year of cultural rebirth. In the midst of navigating a new normal, we watched how two generations in Southeast Asia converged — challenging the status quo and finding new ways to fuel social change. In this year’s edition of Culture Next, we’re excited for you to explore the shifts that dominated the past year in our markets, and discover the trends that defined the region’s culture drivers.

Whenever I feel like my heart is not in the right place, I find the right thing to listen to. And I feel better.

Lesly, 20, Jakarta, Indonesia

To better understand how this region’s next generation is driving this cultural change, we spoke to Gen Zs and Millennials across Southeast Asia. We looked at their streaming habits to understand how they are creating, curating, and experiencing culture — diving deep into understanding how music helped them overcome challenges such as mental health, and exploring what authenticity means to them. Through this Streaming Intelligence, research, and conversations, we zeroed in on eight new key trends amongst these young generations, which we’ve detailed out in this year’s Culture Next.

  • 78%

    of Gen Z’s & Millennials in Southeast Asia believe audio is healing

  • 65%

    of Gen Z’s & Millennials in Southeast Asia use audio to learn about different cultures and experiences

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*Source: Spotify Culture Next survey, conducted in April 2021 among 500 respondents 15-40 in Southeast Asia

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