Measure how our streaming intelligence drives brand outcomes

From streams to results

Digital Audio can be measured like most digital media. Our platform is built for the streaming generation. With a suite of multimedia ad experiences and a logged-in audience across devices, we can help you understand the true impact of your messaging.

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Commitment to transparency and viewability

Video may have killed the radio star, but it gets along really well with streaming. Through partnerships with Moat and IAS, we're measuring campaigns based on established industry standards and beating global benchmarks across the board.

Measurable success

We want to make you famous. From creative testing to purchase, we work closely with leading 3rd party measurement partners to offer people-based measurement of your brand's effectiveness through the funnel.

Proven brand outcomes

Across the globe and several verticals, advertisers see high lift in brand metrics with Spotify.

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1 LeanLab, September 2019

Achieve maximum impact with multi-format campaigns

Run a combination of audio, video, and display that contain similar messaging and branding to ensure ubiquity across Spotify.

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1 LeanLab, September 2019 2 Nielsen Brand Effect on Spotify, April 2019

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