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Sponsored Playlist allows your brand to maximise awareness by exclusively sponsoring Spotify’s top real estate, our owned & operated playlists.

With Sponsored Playlist, your brand connects with listeners on their favorite playlists. We’ll help you choose which best aligns with your target audience, whether they’re tastemakers tuning into Discover Weekly, gym rats listening to Beast Mode, students cramming for exams with Lo-Fi Beats, and more. Our playlists already have a passionate, loyal fan base, ensuring that your brand is amplified and heard.


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Maximize awareness with Sponsored Playlists

Align your brand with Spotify's top franchise playlists. Check out the examples below.

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Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly is a flagship algorithmic playlist, serving weekly discoveries personalised to each individual listener's taste profile. Reach audiences with your brand message when they are most receptive to discovering something new.

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Beast Mode

Audio piques the imagination and transports the mind just enough to shift the focus away from the "work" part of a workout. Align your brand message and energize fitness enthusiasts during their workout moment with playlists like Beast Mode.

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Songs to Sing in the Shower

Getting ready in the morning can be a routine effort, but not with Spotify to accompany listeners as they prepare to seize the day. Tap into micro-moments with playlists like Songs to Sing in the Shower and empower listeners with a highly relevant message during that time. Reach out to us in the form below for market availability.

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