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Reach your audience with ads designed for viewability. Overlay is delivered when the user returns to the Spotify app, ensuring maximum brand impact. The immersive display unit is clickable and drives traffic to your brand’s URL destination.

Desktop Overlay will persist in full-screen mode until (1) the user engages with the ad, (2) the user clicks the X or somewhere within the Spotify app, or (3) more than 30 seconds pass.

Mobile Overlay persists on screen until the user engages with the ad or swipes the ad away. On mobile devices, select one of thirteen custom call-to-action buttons to increase engagement.


Mobile, Desktop

Drive clicks with Overlay

Your brand will be the first thing they see upon return. Check out the examples below.


Gatorade's vibrant display units for G Active went for maximum impact to grab users' attention, while a call-to-action invited them to get moving.

Taylor's University

Taylor's University leveraged overlays, inviting users to check out a customised playlist giving them the opportunity to learn more about courses the University offers.

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