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Digital Experiences refer to an interactive way to leverage our insights through the Spotify Web API to deliver innovative and personalised content to our users.

Our fans love to discover more about themselves and we see this time and time again through the success of Spotify’s own ‘Wrapped’ campaign.

Digital Experiences can include, but are not limited to music analysers, playlist generators, and playlist enhancers which are often created to live on an external microsite hosted by Spotify.

Work with us to discover the best ways to utilize Spotify’s powerful and industry-leading Web API to bring to life digital experiences for your audience.

Spotify Web APIs

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Popular Features

Enabling your audience to discover more about their streaming behaviour with the help of your brand and power of our Web API.

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Power your digital brand experience

Bring insight-driven creativity and harness the power of music to enhance how our users interact with your brand. Explore what other brands have done below.



G-Active wanted to soundtrack people's workouts by creating a playlist generator where fitness enthusiasts could input variables such as the type of workout and preferred genre. Combined with their own listening history, user were given a personalised workout playlist each time.

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To celebrate the launch of GOT7's latest album, the band partnered with Spotify to create a custom music analyser. GOT7 fans were invited to analyse their listening history in order to find out which member of the group they shared the same tasted in music with. Results were shareable across all channels, and the playlists were curated by the band members themselves.

GOT7 on Spotify

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